An Introduction to Interactive Data Visualization

If you are like me, you probably enjoy seeing movies, watching YouTube or Tiktok videos or scrolling through your Facebook timeline than reading a full book. Humans generally tend to assimilate and relate to visuals better than every other form of communication. Thus visualization is one of the key skills required of a data scientist/ data analyst. The ability to generate pictorial insights from raw data and communicate our results effectively to other people either technical, non-technical or management team is very important.

In this…

My one month journey as a data science SCA-c4-mentee

Sometime last year, I started craving to become a data scientist like you would crave your favorite meal. But it was hard to find the time to actually begin. Thanks to the Coronavirus lockdown in my country, I was able to use the family laptop at home to start researching and trying to learn the fundamentals of Python and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets while school was on hold.

However, self-learning comes with a truck load of challenges such as low motivation, lack of resource curation, etc. I couldn’t really do much on my own, so, I decided to jump on the…

Stay safe! be careful! Do this, do that; Can we actually control everything that goes on in our life? If your answer is no, then we probably have the same thoughts. However, we can control somethings, especially those from the inside (our health).

The word Diabetes have become increasingly popular over the years. It is a common chronic disease that poses a great threat to human life. When a person is diabetic, their blood glucose level is higher than normal. This…

A beginner’s Overview

Remember how you were forced to derive long formulas and find X in your high school and college days? you wondered: “who all this things help sef?”. Well, now that you want to start coding and building cool stuff to change your world, “e go help you”.

At the core of fancy machine learning models, deep learning and data science tools lies mathematical concepts such as statistics, probability, calulus, algebra, regression models, etc. …

Florence Egwu

Data Scientist|| Backend python developer|| Food scientist|| Knowledge enthusiast

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